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by Project:Heavensent

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Robert Adams one cool dude and makes some amazing music. Give this a listen and much love and support to Adam!
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Dust pours beneath the cracks under our feet. Your faulty faith no longer bears the weight. Your trite admissions conveyed far too late. But now some form of progress can be made. Contrived ambition forced by circumstance. Abandoned sins will not erase the past. A second chance we've anything but earned. I'll carry my regrets if you can carry yours. Find us a way out. You owe us that much. Blissful ignorance. Will not sustain us. Your hand against the rail, it worries me. Your pained white-knuckled anxiety. Don't let go now. The walls collapse as we make our escape. The pictures we had fade to memory. I can't lose you. The air that burns your lungs consumes our home. But you can breathe again it won't be long. We turn all too slowly.
(Movement One: Recoup) Witness to the first breaths. Time slowed, eyes open. Clambering arms rip away. The machine that stole you. Please, I'm broken. Your burden lingers. My memories faked. Nights don't end. Let me sleep. (Movement Two: Rebuild) 10 of Ones. Our efforts all equate to naught. Toe the line. We suffer in the name of progress. Dismantle. Your illusion of grandeur will fail you. Press forward. When did I guarantee safety? Heavensent! I can't help but notice your indecision. Does the end justify the means? We balance on rotten foundation. How many times can we afford to rebuild? Please remain, Woefully entrenched. Your birthright. Contemplate, Placed in my right hand. The Prophet. Plan is set. This is, beyond doubt, the end. We turn too slowly. (Movement Three: Revere) (Instrumental)
Rope 08:02
We are flawed machines. Consuming by design. Manufactured dreams. Hollowed to a shell. The lie that keeps you safe. Is tied around your neck. The strings don't pull themselves. They're tied around my hands. I scream and beg. to a chorus of the blind and deaf. My worst kept secret My empire built on stolen notions. I knew you once The naive voice which begged no question. My patience spent My heart torn out and sold for profit. Blindfolded, obscured. Do I seem a man with choices? Brick by brick comes your salvation We turn too slowly.
Your vacant stare. So alluring. Two perfect mirrors. Calling me home. Escape to the middle distance. The safe caress of nothingness. A gentle and familiar breeze. Your translucent form, enveloping. The lake is so deep. Come, tread the water with me. Embrace the undertow. Please, ask me one more time. My arms are so weak. My own mind so displaced. My failure absolute. Please, ask me one last time. Away from home an endless age. Our footsteps fade, lost to time. My purpose has become so vague. I'm sorry, I forgot the question.


A synopsis, of sorts. Setting a foundation of future things to come in the story of Project:Heavensent.

This record explores some broad themes in a future where we've been left no choice but to leave our home and start over some place new.


released November 10, 2018

All writing, recording, production and artwork by Adam Kluga.

Released under Creative Commons licensing.




Project:Heavensent Melbourne, Australia

Project:Heavensent is comprised of one person named Adam. He writes heavy, yet atmospheric music while screaming loudly about a science fiction narrative which abstractly depicts his views and experiences.

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